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Personalized | Adaptive | Inclusive

Personalized | Adaptive | Inclusive

Whole Heart: Private Yoga, Group Yoga, Doula Support


Whole Heart: Private Yoga, Group Yoga, Doula Support

Lindsay's Philosophy


Align your Body

I am an expert in adaptive, inclusive, and personalized yoga and doula support, and I'm here to change what yoga looks like.  I'm an E-RYT, YACEP, MSEd, and Doula.  My pronouns are she/her.  

I am an expert in teaching yoga for diverse abilities, and prenatal/postpartum yoga, both privately and in small groups.  I specialize in personalizing yoga for the individual. 

My private sessions focus on the healing aspects of yoga – especially for the nervous system, self-regulation and body awareness, and the core and pelvic floor.  I believe in the physical benefits of yoga, and that we can make a shape meet us where we are that day, not force our bodies into a shape that doesn't feel good. Part of my commitment is to make yoga accessible for every body. 

If this sounds like your kind of yoga and you want a whole-hearted teacher, who recognizes and holds space for YOU- I'd love to work with you.


Align your Breath

Yoga is a great way to improve your breath awareness. Noticing our breath and paying attention to the link between external and internal allows us to use the breath as a tool on and off the mat that helps us turn on rest and renew, connect to the core unit, and recharge our spirits. 

 I incorporate breathing techniques into group classes, private classes, and with all of my doula clients. 


Align your mind

I started introducing yoga in 2009 to my students when I was teaching high school special education, and continue to teach private and group classes at Metta Studios, in Biddeford, Maine.   The studio is wheelchair accessible.  

Yoga is more than asking our bodies get into bendy shapes.  The real yoga is what is happening in our minds. If you've ever been in the zone, you've experienced a fraction of what we all seek- inner peace. Our minds are the hardest piece of the puzzle to adjust, but often the most rewarding. 

Lindsay's Specialities


Perinatal Yoga

Prenatal classes are mindfully crafted to allow persons experiencing pregnancy, and postpartum to honor the changes that occur in the body during the child birthing years.  Each 8 week session includes information on birthing and parenting choices, joys, and challenges, but also a practical application of asanas and pranayama that many folks find supportive for labor, birth, and during recovery.  Only at Metta Studios. Limited spots available. Registration required. 

The radiant being in me honor and sees the radiant being in you! 

Individualized Lessons

I'd be honored to serve you.  I offer free 30 minute consultations in-person, on the phone, or live video conference. If we decide we want to work together I will send you a client questionnaire and get to work right away on creating a yoga practiced tailored for you.

If you, or your child or teen are overwhelmed by groups or new situations, private sessions are available. Several private sessions may help transition students to a group class. A private class may also benefit a student with significant physical limitations. These sessions can be helpful so caregivers learn how to provide yoga assistance at home. If you're looking for yoga a specific purpose, mobility, anxiety, digestion, muscle tone, we will create a program that fits your goals and needs.  Book a time to meet with me

The love and light in me sees the love and light in you!

Supported Hatha Yoga

A monthly-themed public class suitable to all levels, and mindful of pronouns. This class is designed with a semi-static sequence, influenced by classical yoga, and integrative yoga. We focus on holding asanas (postures) with integrity, use of props to explore enhancing a shape to meet your body where it is today, and introduce a variety of breathing practices. 

Strengthen & Stretch at Metta Studios.

Accessible Aumies: Adaptive + Inclusive Yoga

A yoga class to meet the goals and needs of a population of folks that don't always have access to yoga.  Persons using a mobility device, practice next to folks who may be using a chair as a prop, next to folks who may use a wall, and next to folks who choose to use none of the above. Seated and standing options are given. 

I introduce a variety of breathing practices because this is such a huge part of yoga, and how we can receive some of the biggest physical, mental and emotional benefits. 

All levels, all bodies, and all abilities.  I mean it! Metta Studios is wheel chair accessible. Wednesdays 9:30am. 

Sliding scale $2-$20. No one turned away. 


What is a doula? A person professionally trained in childbirth, who provides continuous emotional, physical, and educational support to birthing persons and their families.

My goal is to provide professional support so that you feel safe, comfortable, and educated during this transformative time in your life.  As a doula it is my place to respect and honor your birth and postpartum wishes. I do not provide medical advice, or perform any procedures. Childbearing and birth is highly individualized; as such my job is to follow your preferences and provide care within my scope of practice. I do not make decisions for you and your partner, but I can provide resources for questions you may have.

I'm currently accepting 5 clients from now until the end of 2019. 

Book a free initial consultation. 

Read my philosophy and scope of practice. 

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Feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries, or to learn more about my class schedules. 

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