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List of Upcoming classes and series

Some of what I teach is also available in a group setting.  By patricipating in a group class, particularly those that cotinue for several consecutive weeks, you'll have the added benefit of speaking to and listening to other folks share their journeys.  **warning** sharing experiences with others is known to cause camaraderie, acceptance, and spark new ideas. 

Masterclass: Teaching Pregnant Inclusive Yoga

Yoga teachers, do you rack your brain trying to remember what you learned in your 200hrYTT about what pregnant yogis "can" and "can't" do? 

YOU.  ARE.  NOT.  ALONE.                          
Consider this a refresher course packed full of information about what makes a pregnant yogi different and the same as the ones not pregnant.  You will walk away from this course not only feeling confident in your ability to safely lead a sequence for a pregnant body, but you will also gain the knowledge of how to make your class feel especially inclusive and supportive for these students.  Class includes a discussion on the importance of  and the how to use LGBTQ+ inclusive language. 


Private yoga

Each 1:1 yoga session is different for everyone. Your goals and needs are at the forefront of the practice. I incorporate traditional and therapeutic yoga teachings, postures, and techniques that support your body and personality. 


  • Facetime, Zoom, or Skype or in person with me from the comfort of your own home. 
  • In-person lessons at Metta Studios, in Biddeford, Maine. 
  • Learn techniques to improve strength, flexibility and emotional wellness.
  • Receive custom instruction and themes that evolve with your areas of need, and goals. 
  • Achieve measurable and realistic physical  & emotional goals with tools, homework and specific practice ideas. 
  • Create a practice routine that fits your schedule and/or learn how to develop your own home practice.
  • Email and text support between sessions. 


$325 for 5 60 minute sessions (preferred package)

$495 for 5 90 minute sessions

(preferred package)

It is common for me to meet with students weekly, or bi-weekly so that they gain familiarity and are accountable for being an integral part in their yoga journey. 


  • In the unlikely event that I have to cancel a session due to an emergency (with under 24 hours notice) I will credit your account for the value of 50% of the session.  
  • Client cancellations with over 24 hours notice incur no charge.
  • Cancellations with 12-24 hours notice are subject to 50% charge of fee. 
  • Cancellations with under 12 hours notice are charged in full. 
  • I prefer to reschedule appointments, in lieu of cancellations. 

I appreciate your understanding. 


What is a doula? A person professionally trained in childbirth, who provides continuous emotional, physical, and educational support to birthing persons and their families.

My goal is to provide professional support so that you feel safe, comfortable, and educated during this transformative time in your life.  As a doula it is my place to respect and honor your birth and postpartum wishes. I do not provide medical advice, or perform any procedures. Childbearing and birth is highly individualized; as such my job is to follow your preferences and provide care within my scope of practice. I do not make decisions for you and your partner, but I can provide resources for questions you may have.


  • Higher rate of non-medicated vaginal birth
  • Psychological support for anxiety, fear, overwhelm, etc.
  • Lower rate of cesarean
  • Higher incidences of nursing for longer than 6 weeks
  • Lower rates of postpartum depression and other mood disorders
  • Sense of calm, comfort, advocacy and education surrounding your birth, your choices, and your postpartum experience

How it works

Depending on your package you'll receive something like the following:

  • 2 prenatal visits at your home
  • continuous care during your birth
  • 1 postpartum visit at your home
  • lactation support
  • private yoga for birth (breathing and positions) or recovery (core + pelvic floor)
  • List of resources and providers, and groups including, LGBTQ+ inclusive
  • Support through infant loss at any stage of pregnancy or during birth

What Folks Say About Lindsay


So glad to have found the prenatal class with Lindsay at Metta Studios during my pregnancy! A great opportunity to move your body in ways that feel safe and healthy as your body changes. More than that, Lindsay creates an amazing, welcoming space to connect with other moms, and shares so much helpful information about pregnancy, labor, and post-partum.


I was lucky enough to find this beautiful studio during my vacation in Maine. I’d encourage anyone in the area to go if they can. Lindsay is both so warm and welcoming and they made me feel right at home. I will most definitely be back when I’m in the area. Thank you for being my yoga away from home. It means a lot to find a wonderful place to practice when I’m away!


Lindsay is such an amazing advocate ❤️
Motherhood, is so so hard but it is so much more rewarding than anything else in existence....Thank you for your support.


I can’t imagine what my pregnancy would have looked like if it wasn’t for Lindsay and her prenatal yoga classes. My entire life I have been fearful of being pregnant, and giving birth, and spending my entire first trimester with all-day sickness didn’t help calm those fears.   Meeting Lindsay truly turned my pregnancy around, her classes eased both my discomfort and my mind. She creates a safe, fun and comfortable space to discuss pregnancy and all that comes with it, without any judgement.   Although it was a group class she was attentive to each person and made adjustments to poses as needed. I specifically needed modifications because I had diastasis recti and Lindsay was always checking in to make sure poses were comfortable and not making the separation worse.  Because of Lindsay I felt empowered through the rest of my pregnancy, I was calm, I felt prepared. I brought my yoga mat to the hospital with me and labored for 17 hours pain-medication free, concentrating on my breath, easing discomfort with yoga, and calming my mind with birth affirmations, one of which she wrote for me “My body knows how to give birth to my baby”.


I have found Lindsay to be a wealth of knowledge and a skilled transmitter of this knowledge. She is friendly, attentive, and has the ability to address the needs of everyone in her class at the same time. Lindsay is able to take a student at her level and patiently and possibly slowly take her to the next level. When thinking about Lindsay, one must also reflect on her spirit, friendliness, and enthusiasm. She lights up the room—it is an honor to be her student.


Lindsay is professional, courteous, trauma informed, welcoming, and engaging. I felt instantly connected to Lindsay the moment I stepped into my first session with her. Her caring nature is palpable. She creates an open and welcoming space for EVERY BODY and is constantly learning new ways to create safer spaces for students. Lindsay’s passion for helping people reconnect with their bodies is inspiring. When I take a lesson with her, Lindsay reminds me to stay so in touch with my body that I take off my teacher hat for a short time! I am grateful to have her in my life! 



Lindsay creates an incredibly inviting, warm and safe environment to practice yoga holding space for everyone to be exactly who they are. Her genuine enthusiasm and passion are infectious. Truly one of my favorite yoga teachers of all time!


Lindsay is warm, engaging and real.

She listens - I mentioned areas of pain; the poses and suggestions have made such a difference.

Lindsay handles diversity seamlessly - I am older, when suggesting adaptation to a pose, she do so in a way that builds confidence and in time ability.

I love the way Lindsay works through yoga poses, nice and slow, with lots of well timed cues that I can relate to. I appreciate Lindsay's meaningful explanations. I have made attempts at yoga in the past; but I gave up, feeling overwhelmed and unsuccessful. I see slow steady progress as I attend under her guidance. 


Lindsay is off her mat helping students make adjustments.  She offers lots of props for alignment and enhancement.  I love it!